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About is a project with it's goal to help link consumers with local businesses through Internet. Helping consumers find and express about local businesses, and local businesses reach their valuable consumers.

Access to everyone to find, add their favorite local businesses, stores, merchants. Rate them, write on their guest book. Participate on city's billboard.

A project not meant for profit, to link consumers, shoppers with local businesses, stores, merchants, etc., in b2c through Internet.

The project has a goal to help both the consumers and local businesses (b2c) around the world. Encouraging the use of Internet for the good purpose to helping each other. Result in clean and green environment, efficient economy by reducing wastages and saving resources. Therefore offering free services to all.

As a part of spreading the word of their own local business, local business owners can expose their local business here. They can have their own web page with deep description, contact information, pictures, video and map links and inquiry box.

This project has limited features. To have more features, you can go for a full fledged web site.

Please do not give anything against the law of the land/country and which promotes sex. You will have to maintain a copy of it as we will not be responsible for data loss. All information submitted here would go through a data check and be displayed, if approved, ~ 72 hours.

This may help you for entries. Categories like: Accounting services, advocates airlines., artificial flowers, plants, trees, audio/video service, retailers (sellers), rental. Automobile accessories, consultants, service, showroom, petrol pumps, ayurvedic medicines, massages, treatment, hair. Books, baby products, care, bags, suitcases, bakeries, confectioneries, pastry, banks, barbers, beauticians. Bar, pub, boutiques. Communication providers (cell, etc.). Cinemas, color labs, computers. Dentist, doctors, florist. Electrical appliances, fruit merchants. Cooking gas appliances and LPG agency. Hospital, hotel, house hold appliances, service, rental. Jewelry. jobs, laundry, dyers, dry cleaners. Leather, men accessories, mineral water. Audio video tapes and CD s. Opticians, painting contractors, ready made garments, clothing. Sanitary ware dealers, contractors. Transport, travel agents. Video library, book library. Coaching classes- tuition, dance, yoga, music- classes. Health clubs, fitness centers. School, college, Montessori, etc. and anything and everything consumer services and products in your city/town.

We welcome you and your suggestions. We apologize for any negative causes and we will not be held responsible for it and for the data. Any service provider/merchant/manufacturer, etc. who do not like to be listed can contact us. This project is an out come of

General disclaimer - Use at your own risk - We will not be responsible for the information submitted by the public visitors to the site, though we moderate the entries. Please do your own research before proceeding with the local businesses listed here, as all information are provided by Internet users.

Thank you for using our service.

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